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Cooperative Charting

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What is Cooperative Charting?

The Cooperative Charting Agreement between the USPS and the NOAA, first executed in 1963, describes one of the most effective user participation programs in the federal services.

Humans and nature make continuous changes to the information shown on nautical charts and in the US Coast Pilot. These changes occur so frequently that the National Ocean Service (NOS, a part of NOAA), relies on the efforts of groups such as USPS to help keep this information both up-to-date and accurate. The users of charts who observe these changes and submit corrections are part of a program that is one of USPS's most important civic contributions.

Coop Charting consists of six programs are: Range Line Survey, Nautical Chart Update Surveys, Coast Pilot Updates, Small-Craft Facility Reports, Depth Surveys using Depth Wiz, and the Inspection Survey.

The Banana River Sail and Power Squadron is one of about two dozen USPS squadrons that have performed depth surveys. The first one dating back to February of 2006 covers the approach to the Eau Gallie River ; the next one was SW of Dragon Point at the south end of the Banana River . The third one, which was accepted by NOS on September 2, 2008, consisted of a 10.5 nm survey of the Banana River south of the Pineda Causeway. The track of this survey and the soundings of the southern portion are shown below.

Track & Soundings

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